Members is our effort to organize Hutterian colony and family records and make the results available in a friendly, accessible format. This involves collecting data from Hutterites, digitizing and compiling them on regular basis, and distributing them back to Hutterites. Members is the most extensive resource on current Hutterite colonies, geography, genealogy, and contact information available.

With our Members apps, you get free access to Hutterian geography, contact, and population data. This aspect of Members is free and available for anyone.

In contrast, we do not make Hutterian genealogy records publicly available. To access this information you must have a Members license, which we offer to Hutterites only.

Members Web App

This is our best app; we recommend it over our native apps on any device that supports it.

It requires a data connection for setup and to get updates, but continues to function in the absence of internet connectivity.

The web app may require authentication with a Google account in addition to your license ID.


On the windows desktop

copy this link
type "Members"

You must have a modern browser for this app. If you don't have Windows 10, please install the Chrome browser.

Instead of manually making a shortcut on your desktop, Chrome offers a superior alternative:

Open the link in Chrome
tap the menu button on the top right corner
more tools
create shortcut...
Enable the "Open as window" checkmark

iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Open the link in the Safari web browser
tap the share button on the Safari toolbar
add to home screen.

If Safari gets stuck with a LOADING screen, just add it the home screen anyway. There is no need for it to load completely in Safari.


Open the link in the Chrome web browser
tap the menu button on the top right corner
add to home screen.

You must use Google Chrome for this. If you don't have the Chrome browser, you will need to get it from Google Play.

If there are loading or displaying problems, make sure Google Chrome is updated in Google Play.

Native Apps (all obsolete)

Please use the web app. thank you.