Janker Notebook

The Janker Notebook is a step by step photo tutorial on tailoring a men`s dress suit. It has high-quality photos and descriptive text of the entire process from selecting fabric to hand-sewing the snaps on a well made, long lasting dress suit.

The back section of the book allows the tailor to keep a neat record of every suit, and all the adjustments made in order to fit the suit to an individual wearer.

We write the word Janker with a Fraktur typeface to give pronunciation cues. The word is German but absent from many German dictionaries. It can be traced to Austria, the Hutterites` land of origin.

Janker simply means jacket; but these days, it refers specifically to the jacket used by Hutterite men to attend religious functions. Janker styles vary considerably across Hutterite denominations. In their most simple form, they resemble a very plain Tyrolean jacket without a collar and lapel. The focus of this book is the more modern variant, which closely resembles a business suit jacket.

Sample pages

A glimpse at how the book is arranged

200 photos that capture it all

From shopping list to the final stitch

Coherent paragraphs

What to do, what not to do, and why.

Clear images and sharp text

The graininess seen here is due to file compression

Coil-bound for ease of use

This will stay open on your sewing table


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